~ At Embracing Babies, we take pride in “empowering parents, while pampering them in the process”~

As you will see, we are here to provide support not only during your pregnancy and postpartum stages, but also the fertility process. But we don’t just stop there, we want to ensure that you find balance while setting up your nursery, planning your baby shower, achieving mind and body wellness, sleep training your baby, finding a nanny and beyond. We sound like a one stop shop don’t we? Yep. We are! We don’t think you should have to go to twenty different places for your one journey into parenthood. Enjoy!

Please click on one of the following services to learn more:

Fertility Services

Preparing your mind and body to conceive is a precious time in your life…learn more.

Nanny Placement

Finding the perfect nanny for your family is our focus as your nanny…learn more.

Pregnancy & Birth Services

There is no moment more profound than the experience..learn more.

Baby Shower Services

A baby shower is a happy occasion. We have…learn more.

Postpartum Services

While bringing home your baby is a wonderful moment…learn more.

Spa & Pampering Services

Let us bring the spa to you! Relaxation, fun and…learn more.

Nursery Services

So much to do, yet so little time? Allow us to help you with all things nursery!…learn more.

Mind Wellness

Your state of mind, affects your life in every way. Our goal is help…learn more.

Sleep Training

Teaching your baby healthy sleep habits will create a smooth transition…learn more.

Body Wellness

Embracing Babies provides services that we…learn more.

~ At Embracing Babies, we are “empowering parents, while pampering them in the process”~